When you join Spindo Club you accept the following rules:

  • Spindo Club is for everyone aged 16 or older.
  • Only one entry per person per prize draw can be accepted unless otherwise stated.
  • You can only join Spindo Club once.
  • Persons connected with Spindo Club, Spindo Media or any Spindo Club sponsors are not allowed to win Spindo Club Prizes.
  • Winners of any prize draws or competitions will be selected within 5 working days after the end of the campaign and normally notified by email within 8 hours.
  • Winners will be asked to confirm their registration data before prizes are sent – please make sure your information was correct. If it does not match then someone else will win.
  • By joining Spindo Club users agree to receive offers including discounts, new and special product or service announcements, invitations to competitions, games and prize draws from Spindo Clubs’ and it’s carefully selected partners.
  • Some Spindo Club offers may contain special terms and conditions that users must accept before participating.
  • If you no longer want to receive offers from us, please click the „Stop Spindo” button in the email.
  • Spindo Club practices 100% opt-in permission marketing, which means we hate spam as much as you, and will not send any email to anyone who has not asked for it and we will respect your decision to say “no more”.
  • Spindo Club decision on all matters is final and may not be entered into.
  • Spindo Club is governed by EU law.
  • These rules and conditions of membership to Spindo Club and its activities may be updated from time to time. This version was updated April 2016.
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